SJ 3540 - 3M DUAL-LOCK, WIDTH 25mm

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SJ 3540 self-adhesive Velcro 3M DUAL-LOCK, width 25mm, interior, black

Self-adhesive Velcro with rubber adhesive for mainly indoor use.

Black self-adhesive zipper with 40 heads per cm2, rubber adhesive and white protective film. It has excellent moisture resistance and high initial tackiness. Adheres perfectly to plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS), powder coatings and materials with low surface energy (polypropylene, polyethylene). Indoor, limited outdoor use.

The Dual Lock self-adhesive fastening system is an excellent alternative to standard connection methods such as screws, rivets, latches, glues and more. It provides a universal fastening solution for all applications requiring high flexibility and invisible fixation. The Dual Lock self-adhesive fastening system allows for easy handling while ensuring great strength. It is made of a polyolefin carrier layer equipped with hundreds of mushroom-shaped heads on short legs. Pressing the two parts of the Dual Lock together creates a stable, strong, re-detachable connection.

Note: with the Dual-Lock system, the piece and the counterpart are the same. So if you order 1 m of Velcro, you will create a 0.5 m fixed connection by cutting it in half.

    Width: 25 mm
    Black colour
    Temperature resistance: +49°C
    Adhesive: rubber

Advantages of Dual-Lock Velcro:
    -resistant to plasticizers
    -resistant to moisture
    -resistant to UV radiation
    -excellent tensile and shear strength
    - resistance to moisture, noise and vibrations
    - zippers without an adhesive layer can be sewn, attached with staples or joined by ultrasound
    - there are Velcro fasteners with a strong and a weak thin support layer
    -back side with adhesive surface for bonding from -29°C to 93°C -can bond many different surfaces
    -can be used on many rough or flexible surfaces
    -available in black or transparent
    -helps to simplify the design