Shopping in our store is very easy, but we would like to offer you a simple guide on how to shop correctly:


Choose the goods you want to buy from us. You can select it either in the upper part of the opening page, where the products are divided into individual groups, and you can continue by selecting in the left part of the menu, where the goods are already sorted into individual subfolders, or you can search for it by catalog designation or name, that you fill in the empty "Search:" box located in the upper right corner and then click the "Search" button.

Did you find the item you were looking for? If not, repeat the instructions from the previous paragraph. If so, fill in the box with the quantity you want, or leave the 1 piece automatically filled in beforehand. Now click the "Buy" button. With this step, you add the selected product to the cart. If you are interested in more items, you must add them to the cart one by one. For better orientation, the basket icon (in the middle of the upper part of the menu) shows both the number of items in the basket and their price without VAT. Nothing is binding at this point, you can cancel the order at any time.

If you want to buy more goods, continue to search, browse, select and if something else catches your eye, again just fill in the number of pieces and click the "Add to cart" button.

It is possible to add to the basket both in the list of products and in the details of individual products.

The current status of the shopping cart, i.e. the number of all added items and their total price, is displayed throughout the purchase in the middle part of the top menu.

The contents of the shopping basket can be checked and edited at any time, e.g. change the quantity of ordered items or remove a product from the shopping basket. Just click on "Shopping Cart" and then you will see its detailed contents. You can now make changes. To continue shopping, click the "Continue shopping" button.

If you decide to interrupt the purchase, you can return to your purchase after logging in from the same PC and the selected goods will remain in the basket.


If you have definitely selected and you are on the Cart page (if you are not, click on the "Cart" link in the middle of the upper part of the menu), you can still adjust the individual number of pieces, or remove items (modifications will take effect after pressing the "Recalculate" button), delete selected items or delete the entire contents of your cart. If you do not want to change anything, or if you have already completed your modifications, you can proceed to the final check of your order by clicking on the red "Order" button. At this stage, your order is still not binding.


The next step is "Login - user registration".

a) If you have already shopped with us before and are registered with us, choose the first option "Use an existing account to log in" and then fill in the data marked with an asterisk. If you do not remember your password, click on the "Forgot password" link, fill in the required information and the password will be sent to your e-mail.

b) If you are on our website for the first time and not the last time, check "Create a new account" and then fill in the required information. You will appreciate the benefits of your account especially in the future, when for further orders you only need to log in to the shopping cart with your username and password and your data (company name/first and last name, address, etc.) will be filled in automatically, saving you time with by refilling.

c) If you are on our website for the first time and probably for the last time, or if you are not interested in registering, check the last option "Continue as an anonymous customer".

After checking your information, click the red "Next" button.
Check or fill in the billing information, or the delivery address, if it differs from the billing address. Then continue by clicking the "Next" button again.


In the next step, you must fill in the method of transport and payment. Depending on the selected mode of transport, you will be offered options/payment option - select the one you want.


If necessary, fill in the last necessary information and check your order one last time in the penultimate step "Preview order". Here you can also fill in the "Note" field if you have any special requirements for your order. If you are not going to change anything, click the "Order now" button. This makes your order binding.
Thank you for your purchase. Order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.


We normally deliver goods in the shortest possible time throughout the territory of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic using PPL. We are usually able to dispatch orders received before 12:00 on the same day, so the goods are available to you within 24 hours. Orders received in the afternoon are dispatched the following working day.
The delivery of goods depends on the state of the warehouse. If we do not have the goods in stock (a red cross lights up next to the goods), your order is registered and will be processed immediately after the stock is replenished.


Currently, goods can be delivered in the following ways:
a) in person
If you are directly from Prague or if you have a trip to Prague, you can pick up the goods directly at our address between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
b) PPL (Czech Republic)
Transport of parcels within the Czech Republic weighing up to 30 kg, when the recipient is a company or entrepreneur with delivery the next working day 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. PPL sends an e-mail notification after sending the shipment.
We charge transport and packaging throughout the Czech Republic in the amount of 115 CZK plus VAT in case of advance payment, and 135 CZK plus VAT for cash on delivery.

c) PPL (Slovakia)
Fast delivery to Slovakia, where PPL delivers parcels up to 30 kg within 1-2 working days using the PARCEL CONNECT service. PPL sends an e-mail notification after shipment.
For parcels to Slovakia, the shipping and handling fee is 299 CZK (approx. 12 EUR).



a) payment in cash (cash on delivery)
You pay the purchase price to our employee or the driver of the transport company (PPL) during personal collection.

b) in advance by bank transfer
You transfer the amount for the goods to our account, based on the deposit slip, which will be sent to you after the order has been processed in our system.
If paying in cash is not convenient for you, you can use this method. In this case, the goods are shipped immediately as soon as the amount is credited to our account.

*Payment by credit card is not yet possible for technical reasons.


Dear customers, even though we sell top quality goods with a full warranty, we are still aware that there may be certain moments when you wish to claim some goods.
In this case, you are in our care - contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to help you solve the problem and we will of course handle any complaints according to the standard complaints procedure, which is in accordance with Act No. 634/1992 Coll. Civil Code.
When claiming a package destroyed by the carrier, the damage must be reported within 3 working days of receiving the damaged shipment and the necessary photo documentation must be sent. Otherwise, the claim will not be considered.

The head of the domestic department, Mr. Robert Štegmann, is responsible for complaints.


You can return goods purchased from us without giving a reason within the statutory 14-day period from the date of receipt. Of course, this also applies to orders with personal collection. The right does not apply to orders within the framework of business or business activities, i.e. if your ID number is stated on the invoice.

We recommend returning the goods in undamaged packaging

The consumer should return the goods complete, with complete documentation, undamaged, clean, if possible including the original packaging, in the condition and value in which the goods were received.
The packaging is not an object of purchase or a part of the purchased item. Even so, Pro Export Plus, s.r.o. has the right to compensation for the costs actually incurred in connection with the return of the goods. These costs are always assessed individually and as such are then charged to the customer and offset against the amount for the returned goods.

Compliance with the 14-day period

In order to meet the deadline, it is decisive when the withdrawal from the contract is sent. The withdrawal period is thus considered to have been observed if the consumer sends the entrepreneur a notice that he is withdrawing from the contract during it.
The period for withdrawing from the contract lasts 14 calendar days, not working days, and starts running the following calendar day after the consumer takes over the goods (e.g. if the customer takes over the goods on Friday, the withdrawal period is calculated from Saturday inclusive).

What documents to attach?

We recommend always attaching a document to the returned goods that confirms that you purchased the goods from us and makes it easier for us to identify the goods in question and the request.
The best option is to send the completed form Consumer withdrawal from the purchase contract and the purchase receipt that you received together with the goods.
You must hand over the purchased goods to us as soon as possible after sending this withdrawal. In this case, the right to reimbursement of the necessary costs associated with the transportation of the goods to the seller does not arise.
  1. You can return the goods directly to the headquarters of the company Pro Export Plus, s.r.o
  2. You can also exercise your right to return goods in writing,
    by withdrawing from the contract and sending the goods to the address:
    For Export Plus, s.r.o
    In Koryty 3234/18A
    100 00 Prague 10
    ID: 44795807
Please restore the goods as much as possible to their original condition, this will prevent a possible reduction of the refunded amount by the costs incurred to restore the goods to their original condition. Please pack the returned goods well so that they are not damaged during transport.
If you are returning the goods within the 14-day period, attach the Consumer Withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement.
We will send the money for the goods to your bank account as soon as possible, no later than 14 days from the day of withdrawal from the contract, but not before the returned goods are delivered back to our address.

  • it is possible to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 calendar days
  • the 14-day period begins the following calendar day after receipt of the goods
  • if the deadline ends on a weekend or holiday, the next working day is taken as the last day of the deadline
  • withdrawal from the purchase contract must be sent to the supplier no later than the last day of the 14-day period
the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 days does not expire by unpacking the goods.



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