TLD-40 4 - 100x90x90 DOUBLE VICE

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Double vise GS with central control.

One handle controls two movable jaws at the same time, which enables the clamping of two identical or dimensionally different workpieces, or the clamping of one larger workpiece. With this type of vice, you will increase the performance and productivity of your machining center. Against the lifting jaw mechanism ensures the alignment of the workpieces. There are 6 options for clamping workpieces with this vise. The whole body of the vise is precisely ground to a tolerance of 0.025 mm, therefore it is possible to use several vices in series. The vise is made of steel with a strength of min. 550 MPa. The guiding surfaces are hardened to HRC 45. The solid construction protects the base from deformation.
AND B C D and b C d E F G h H and j to l Guiding stones Weight Kg
Dimension [mm] 103 33 90 38 405 104 101.5 63.5 17.5 13 31 96.5 63.5 55 430 143 195 18 20