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Automatic with ergometric metal handle, for right-handed and left-handed users

- suitable for right- and left-handed people;
- knife with replaceable blade;
- the blade is controlled by a spring;
- weight: 132 g.;

Safety knife H1036 with ergonomic handle and non-slip rubber.

The main characteristics include a reliable spring controlling the blade, a safe and quick blade change without the help of another tool, a hole for hanging.

The H1036 knife is designed for both right- and left-handed users.

Working with knives and blades today in virtually any industry stands out for its specific safety requirements. Most companies are increasingly preferring the offer of safety knives over commonly available knives.

The safety of knives with replaceable blades is most often ensured by an automatic spring that allows the blade to be quickly retracted as soon as the knife user releases the blade pusher by hand. More sophisticated knives then work on the principle of the resistance of the material being cut, where after the blade loses contact with the material being cut, the blade retracts automatically without the user controlling the blade shifter in any way.