VB1400 - Magnetic V-Block with NF arm


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NOGA magnetic V-Block in a set with an articulated NF arm with a soft lock

NOGA magnetic V-Block fitted with NF arm
  • The Noga magnetic V-Block in a set with an articulated arm finds application in a variety of engineering operations.
  • Securely grips material during delicate operations such as drilling, milling, threading and grinding.
  • Thanks to the installation of the NF articulated arm, it is possible to clamp the deviation meter and thus perform quick and accurate measurements.
  • It is also possible to clamp other components with a diameter of 6 mm, 8 mm, 3/8" or using a dovetail.

Benefits and features:
  • - Designed for versatile and precise clamping with the possibility of mounting the NF arm
  • - All work surfaces are precisely ground
  • - With the help of 2 precise "V-surfaces" a log with a diameter of 8-65 mm can be clamped
  • - V-Blok has a switchable magnet (magnet activation using the ON/OFF button)
  • - Articulated arm NF with central locking and fine adjustment
  • - Can be used not only for clamping, but also for inspection work.

L1+L2+L3[mm] L1 L2 diameter [N] W L H IN
178.0 56 51 3/8; 6; 8; dovetail 800 70 120 95 8-65