BS9999 - SET OF 10 "S" KNIVES


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Knife Set BS9999

  • You are not sure which knife would be the most suitable for you or do you machine different materials? Then this set, which contains the best-selling knives of the Noga brand, is just for you.
  • The only thing you need to try the set right away is the NG1000 handle, in which you clamp the knives. And we will give it to you FREE TODAY if you order this set of knives.
  • With this set, you will be able to remove burrs or smooth off all kinds of edges and cuttings, and thus experience for yourself how the knives differ, although they look similar, but the angle of the blade is different and the result of the work is therefore diametrically different.

Start your journey to perfect deburring now.

Consists of

BS1018 - S100 Cobalt
BS1010 - S10
BS2010 - S20
BK3010 - S150
BK1010 - S101
BS3010 - S30
BK2010 - S202
BS7001 - S70
BS3510 - S35
BS6001 - S60